Project Description

Marbella Skol is a Professional Association of Real Estate Experts who have been working in the sector since 1990. 

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This page consists of six different pages: 

Home: where the client can search for properties and available dates of the different accommodations. Here the user has the option to apply as many filters as he wants, as well as maximum or minimum price, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, arrival … 

Rentals: the user can see the list of available accommodations for rent, from greater to less in rent and vice versa. On the next page you will have the same option but for accommodation for sale. 

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If the user continues browsing the page, the next thing he will find will be Us, where he will be able to read curious data about Marbella, the Skol building, Estepona, etcetera. 

Finally, if the user wants to be informed of the latest rental updates of MarbellaSKol, just go to the News page and there you can find all the updated information you need. 

In addition, as in all web pages, to contact the company the client only has to go to Contact and there you will find the telephone number, email address and the address of the building. 

wiidoo media website design - marbellaskol project

Another important detail is that being located in Marbella and having a large English-speaking audience, the page is fully translated into English, which can bring you many more benefits. 

The design revolves around information. MarbellaSkol‘s aim is that users can find and read as much information as they need when entering the website. To give the website a holiday feel, the main colours chosen by the Wiidoo Media design team were sky blue and white. 

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email:

+34 951 550 520