5 Trends to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

The speed of technological advances is, if we look back, at least spooky. 

It was in 1994 when the first “smart phone” was announced, developed by Frank Canova while he was at IBM, and two years later when a consumer version was released. 

And today, we can send emails, avoid getting lost anywhere we are, install a variety of programs, save a huge amount of contacts, surf the Internet, play music, videos, movies, contact people on the other side of the world… and don’t forget, call! 

How will these advances influence Digital Marketing? What will be the trends in Digital Marketing in 2019?


The importance of obtaining information about users to give them a personalized treatment is one of the most valued aspects. 

The context has always been important to understand the message but, if we also talk about maintaining contact with our public through mobile devices, understanding the context, and not just the message, is essential for it to be accepted or rejected by our customers or potential customers.

Context Marketing also adds to Inbound Marketing the opportunity to know where and when our user is in real time, offering us multiple opportunities to deliver the right message at the right time. 

5 Tendencias de Marketing Digital para el 2019


Bots perform customer service functions, so they can meet a person’s needs. The main objective is to save users time and help them if they have a problem or doubt, as quickly as possible. 

There are 5 sectors that will revolutionize this trend, and they are: banking, Human Resources (2 out of every 3 executive directors think that IT is transforming the HR function), tourism, e-commerce and health. In the latter, according to the Markets and Markets study, the market for chatbots in the health sector will reach a value of 312.3 million dollars by 2023.


25% of smartphone users will make at least one purchase over the phone every six months. Thus, mobile commerce becomes the number one of all marketing trends for e-commerce in 2019, which in turn has 5 trends of its own:

Product searches by voice, Social commerce (60% of users follow different brands and 30% look for products to buy), automatic learning and, finally, searches through images and augmented reality, then we tell you.

mobile online shopping smartphone ecommerce buy online by phone


Another great e-commerce ally. The visual search attempts to imitate the functioning of the human brain, focusing on identifying and classifying the objects it is visualizing at a given moment. The main purpose is to obtain information through the upload of a photo to an app or platform to simultaneously display in the search engine a battery of images with similar characteristics to the uploaded photo.

ASOS, eBay, Pinterest or Google are the technologies that are already in charge of returning searches made from an image. It is expected that in the coming years the visual search presents a high percentage of searches, so we should begin to ask ourselves how to optimize our organic SEO positioning for it. 


Since the introduction in Europe of the worldwide regulation of user data in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has had a great deal of worldwide support. This restores trust between consumers and digital marketing, while companies offer consumers greater transparency. 

The technological giants Google, Facebook and Amazon will also be subject to greater control. They have been targeted for the way they share and protect users’ information, which is why they will introduce new policies on data exchange and users’ privacy during 2019. 

5 Trends to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy 2019