#Trashtag, the viral challenge that is cleaning up natural space in half the world!

The challenges in social networks have become one of the most popular and changing fashions of recent months. Practically every month there is a new viral challenge: the #10yearschallenge, the dangerous #birdboschallenge or the Carbon challenge. Social network users are increasingly joining this kind of movement and viral challenges that they share in their profiles.

#Trashtag, the viral challenge that is cleaning up natural space in half the world!

The last one is the #TrashtagChallenge, which consists of cleaning beaches and areas full of garbage in order to leave them clean and unpolluted. The name of this challenge that has already traveled halfway around the world comes from joining the English words trash and tag, which encourages tagging friends to follow it.

The challenge started last weekend in Reddit and has spread to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where users have shared their images before and after making the challenge.

Thanks to this environmental challenge, the beaches of half the world are recovering their paradisiacal aspect. The Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Spain are some of the places that are recovering the beauty of their coasts.

What many social network users agree on is that, at last, it is a meaningful Challenge, a challenge in which people can do something for each other and for the environment, beyond taking a picture or passing in a certain way. And the more the challenge grows, the cleaner the world becomes.

And you… are you willing to join the challenge and start cleaning up our planet?