Social Media Spring Trends 2019

Google My Business

Google Business in a list offered by Google for companies to appear in the search results, showing any relevant information (time, location …).
For this 2019 Google My Business brings several new features: there are only locations without the possibility of choosing a geographical area of influence, so it will be necessary to limit more and better in which areas we offer our services. The second novelty is the complete redesign of apps in Android and iOS, a new message functionality will be available, that is, you will be able to receive messages from customers and respond directly and, finally, you can even make publications focused on the sale of products, having the option of converting these publications into events. In addition, another of Google’s novelties is that Inbox (an alternative mail application to Gmail created four years ago) has ceased to make sense and the service will cease to be available at the end of March 2019.

On the other hand, if you still don’t know the benefits that Google My Business offers you, you’re still on time. The first of them is greater visibility in Google search, the penetration of Google search engine in Spain is higher than 98% currently, without leaving much alternative to other search engines.
Geopositioning, is another advantage: My Business allows you to put a business on Google Maps, making it visible on different devices and through different channels.

We continue with customer feedback, that is, it allows us to know the opinion that our customers have in our business through reviews. These reviews are shown automatically, ie, you can not choose whether or not you want to be shown.
Last but not least, more customer information. In the business card you can highlight and offer relevant information to the customer, depending on the time of business or activity: opening hours, peak time of affluence throughout the day, questions and answers that any user can answer, messages that the customer can write to you for any query, and so on.

Instagram will consolidate its leadership and set the pace in Social Media in 2019

IGTV will grow further, it is instagram’s long-lasting vertical video platform. With it you can upload longer videos than in the normal account.

More interactivity in the Stories. Instagram stories receive many updates: questions, music, gifs and stickers, or the most recent novelty, an account for your followers that you can use if you want to create expectation among your followers for a future announcement or event.

Shopping and advertising. Due to the increase in consumption through Instagram that has led to the creation of purchases through publications and even in stories. This new tool allows labels of up to five products per image and a maximum of 20 per sequence. Touching this label will take you directly to the website.

More real Feeds. The instagram algorithm will give more priority to real daily contents, those emotionally close to the public, rather than those excessively edited prior to publication.

Facebook will continue to be the most massive network

What should we post on Facebook this spring 2019 for the algorithm to be happy. In 2018, Zuckerberg already announced drastic changes in the Facebook algorithm to encourage interaction between family and friends, as well as quality information. The topics that have worked the most are emotional.
Attention! Any account that tries to use clickbait and false news to gain traffic and subscriptions will be penalized.
If you want to give your Facebook a second life in 2019, here are some tips: update your personal profile, create (or wash your face) your business page, create a group and share content that attracts your target audience and take advantage of advertising!

Twitter will maintain its role as a customer service channel

Data-based creativity will be key to differentiating the customer experience. Data analysis is important if you’re looking to optimize Twitter actions. Understand the data, interpret it and make decisions based on it.
Twitter’s objective is to continue being the social network of reference in terms of communication. It aims to make conversations between users more fluid and dynamic.

Youtube as a Social Network

When we hear or talk about Youtube, it automatically comes to mind that it is a platform on which to watch videos created and recorded.
If you’re wondering what makes YouTube so popular, keep reading this article. 80% of users prefer to see a live video than read content on a blog or magazine, this makes us confirm that it is the second largest search engine after Google.
The main purpose of a platform is to attract people to it, and we have already seen that Youtube knows how to do it. In short, we could say that it is a Social Network platform because: registration is free and available to everyone, has many users committed to creating, sharing and discussing content, which in turn makes advertisers spend money to reach users through the platform, making it benefit. It is the platform where we can create our business in different styles, by presenting videos, texts, … It is very useful for content marketing creators, since it also allows you to reach your target audience easily.

It has recently merged with Google Plus, because if you want to create a channel on Youtube, you need to have a Gmail or Google Plus account. This means that there is good SEO traffic to the main websites.