Project Description

This Landing Page dedicated to the exclusive sale of a penthouse apartment for sale in Marbella.

You may think that a landing page is less useful than a website, but the truth is that they are different things and each of them have their advantages and benefits.

A landing page, is proven to have a fairly good return on investment, focuses only on one product or service so it highlights the advantages it has, for the user is a great experience because it is easy, convenient and quick to see. In addition, doing organic SEO results can be visible in a matter of weeks

wiidoo media - website and landing page designers

At Wiidoo Media, both web page design and landing page design are our strengths. Sands Marbella Property decided to hire us to design a landing page for the sale of a luxury penthouse and it has been a success.

When targeting a specific upper-middle class audience, the landing page design must be elegant and in line with the characteristics of the penthouse it offers. For this, we have used a minimalist colour palette, we have uploaded a number of important photos for the client to get an idea of what Sands Marbella Properties offers and, finally, the necessary text to get all the necessary information.

penthouse for sale in Marbella landing page designed by wiidoo media

Of course, the page to contact the company is fast, reliable and very necessary on any website or landing page.

Come and visit us or give us a quick call for further information: 951 55 05 20