Project Description

I-Bites, Minding your nutrition, is minding your health.

I-Bites by Nutrition Chef is a restaurant that offers healthy dishes, different menu plans according to customer needs and personal advice from a nutritional chef with years of experience.

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The I-Bites website has been designed by the Wiidoo Media team.
The website has eight different pages where you can find information about the menus (nutritional level, calories and prices).
Different customized menus that I-Bites can offer, a blog in which I-Bites publishes interesting articles related to food and healthy lifestyle and an online home delivery service which the costumer can enjoy from the comfort of his own home.

The Wiidoo Media design team, which has more than twenty years of experience. We decided for this type of business a design a little more colorful and animated, so that the first impression of the visitor is not other than a concept of healthy and happy life style.
It is a very fresh and clean page that provides all the information needed in order to get the best experience while deciding, we all know food is definitely our first love and everything else follows. Don’t you agree?

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