What is #FridaysForFuture?

#FridaysForFuture is a popular movement that follows @GretaThunberg‘s call for a school strike.

Greta Thunberg – Teen climate activist

Why are the students (children) on strike?

School-age children must attend school. But with the worsening of climate change, this goal of going to school becomes useless.
Why study for a future that may not exist?
Why strive to be educated, when our governments do not listen to the educated?

Greta asks people to beat in front of the nearest town hall every Friday. With a poster, take pictures and place the hashtags:

More than 1209 cities in 92 countries have already joined this protest that began in Sweden. Millions of young people are preparing to take to the streets this Friday to demand that the political class act now. Spain is one of them, this protest is supported by several social groups such as the Andalusian Network for Climate, among others, which warns of the serious consequences of global warming, which continues to rise. In Seville, the temperature could rise up to 2 degrees in the coming decades. The increase would have harmful consequences for the productive system and people’s health.

The Spanish collectives have launched their own manifesto at state level in which they reproach the “generations in power” for “stealing” their future. “We live in a planetary emergency caused by climate change. Our generation is condemned to a harsh social and ecological instability,” they state.

The movement is completely removed from any political acronym. Lucas Barrero (student of Biology and Environmental Sciences) explains how some Spanish parties have already shown interest in contacting, but they have “decided to wait” for this 15-M to pass in order to listen to them and pass on their demands. “We will meet with everyone, not with some yes and not with others“, warns Lucas.

As far as the European Parliament is concerned, what you have seen for the time being is that the European right chooses, at the very least, to ignore them. Representatives of Youth for Climate from several countries asked to be able to speak in the plenary session of the European Parliament, but the European People’s Party, the liberal group including Citizens and the extreme right refused. They were finally received between Tuesday and Wednesday by representatives of the Socialist Party, the Greens/EFA and other minorities.

Finally, more than 12,000 scientists from different European countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) have supported the climate protection movement in a joint position and on Friday a list of scientists who support environmental activists will be handed over.