Facebook is Testing a New Layout For Stories

In a major attempt to increase this feature’s popularity, Facebook is testing a new layout for stories

We are all aware of the ‘stories’ feature that is evident within Facebook’s sister platform, Instagram. As Facebook controls both platforms, it is obvious that Zuckerberg would want to replicate this success into his own social network. Therefore Facebook is testing a new layout for stories to increase its popularity with users.


What are the new features?

The new Facebook story layout features include polls. music, tagging friends, feelings, locations and gifs all on the right hand side of the image. Although Facebook currently offers these features, they are currently hidden. At first glance this might look like they aren’t available.

The bottom bar in the new layout covers all the currently available options. While the additional right-hand sidebar would add in quick access to the growing range of Stories tools. There are also ‘Privacy’ and ‘Studio effects’ options on the left.

In order to get more people across to Facebook Stories, the platform may need to highlight the range of options available. Hence this update. It will help users less familiar with the options to understand the process.

Why has Facebook decided to do this?

Facebook is set on making Stories a popular future posting format for us all. Already, Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories combined, are really doing well. Facebook announced that the two formats have over 300 million DAUs (Daily Active Users) and Instagram Stories have 400 million of them.

The idea here is to get more people using more of Facebook’s Stories tools. There is the view to make the option more appealing, and more engaging. As noted, Facebook has repeatedly stated that Stories are the future of social sharing, with Stories posts on track to overtake News Feed updates as the primary social update option.