5 tips to boost your personal brand 

What is a personal brand?

The personal brand is the image that we transmit to other users and that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It consists of considering oneself as a brand, so it must be developed, transmitted and protected, in order to differentiate and achieve the greatest possible success in social and professional networks. 


1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Meet your competition and find the best way to highlight what you have and they don’t have, or don’t show. Nowadays any service we want to hire or object we want to buy, we have an infinity of different options, what makes us decide for one company or another? There are many things that influence, but the most important is a good brand image and a good reputation. 

2. Show your knowledge and experience 

On most occasions when you do a good deed and years of experience can vouch for you, you don’t need to talk to say how “good you are in marketing…”. Give your best in every project you do and you’ll get people to know you for how well you do your job and not for other things that won’t benefit you.

3. Focus on what you want to achieve

Make yourself known, have an audience and reach your target audience, position yourself, and have a good reputation. These are the four primary objectives that anyone who wants to have a good reputation must have. 

4. Quality before quantity 

After you have some objectives and outline some strategies to reach them, set in motion your own content plan, and before asking yourself if it really is relevant and of quality. It is always better to create content that will interest our target audience, even if we have less.

5. Follow up 

If after doing a small analysis you see that your work is giving good results and you are reaching the objectives, continue along that path but always trying to improve small things. Otherwise, you have to act fast and give it a twist.


Good and quality work always takes time because you have to work hard at it, so don’t get discouraged and give your best! 

Would you give any more advice to improve your personal brand?