2021 Website SEO Basics – Optimize your Content

Not ranking as well as you should be? Do you think a machine can do your SEO?

Effective SEO is written by humans not machines.
Why is the technical side of SEO becoming less effective? Because in order to maintain its 90% market share, Google is working hard to reward the pages that are most useful for customers, regardless of the technical tweaks you apply to them.

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SEO 2021 Maximize Results With Human And Bot Friendly Content

2021 Website SEO Basics – Optimize your Content – Writing authentic, unique, information-rich articles and posts is what search engines like (Google’s artificial learning algorithms favor useful, natural content written for the user). Why? Because that’s what your audience will respond to, so it’s what search engines want to promote.
Chances are, your business is part of the 53% of businesses that invest in content marketing. Content is a powerful tool not only to bring in more customers, but to boost your business’s search rank.

SEO content combines the principles of SEO (keyword research, linking, page optimization, etc.) with copywriting (creative content, fun headlines, stories, etc.). In other words, SEO copywriting gets you the best of both worlds. Persuade readers to take action on your site while encouraging search engines to favourably rank your site with SEO copywriting.

Writing for SEO Is Writing for Humans

Common sense and logic is really the only way to create an optimised website. Create great content that is relevant to your page titles and descriptions. The relevancy of content to titles etc, the right amount of your target phrases that explain what your website is offering is all you need for great placement. Today’s search engines algorithms are much more sophisticated and will prioritise content that lines up with searchers’ intent.

First and foremost, you should write your page content for the people who’ll read your content, not just wiz though it. We believe that targeted, relevant, compelling content has a far higher success rate than stuffing a blog post with keywords. When we write a blog post or another piece of content, we do it because we think it will be of value to our users. Great content results in longer visits, more newsletter sign-ups and more interest in what we do. It’s a reflection of our expertise, knowledge, and value our company is able to provide.

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